My Daughter and I

Let me tell you a story about the power of Nonviolent Communication that comes from my own family. I came home once at 7 p.m. after a long and busy day. I was very tired and tense, because I had to leave at 7:20 to lead a workshop. In 20 minutes I needed to change […]


(Photography: Yafa Kfir) “You don’t listen. I have no one to talk to. I’ve told you just a second ago to live me alone. Why can’t you understand my needs? Should I tell you them time and time again?! Are you my mom, or what?! Don’t you have any tact?!” If any of you have […]

An encounter with my neighbor

For more that two years we had been complete enemies. An argument about how to allocate our parking lots, a few days after settling in our new building, became a big quarrel with our neighbor. Harsh words have been said, words we use when we tragically try to express our unmet needs… Weeks of training […]


(Photography: Yafa Kfir) "May we always have the courage to bear witness, to see ourselves as other and to see other as ourselves." Roshi Bernie Glassman It was a sunny afternoon in Jericho’s most beautiful place. 50 people gathered for an experiential workshop aimed at exploring our relations with one another and with ourselves. 47 […]


(Picture taken by Yafa Kfir) Can you offer us any solution to the situation? Do you agree that we have the right to be here? Do you disagree? Are you familiar with the true history of this place? Have you any idea of how difficult it is to live here? Have you heard about the […]

Beacon for Peace in the Promised Land

Good will is not enough: A true story of how Nonviolent Communication supported people who wanted to do good for others and faced challenges being accepted with trust

In Kiyv, Ukraine, Hagit Lifshitz Training in Peace engineers School

This September, Haghith Lifshitz, a certified non-violent communication trainer from Israel, shared her knowledge with future Peace Engineers. She was the student of the founder of the NVC method, Dr. Marshall Rosenberg (USA) and got acquainted with his method of NVC while working for a senior position in the Israeli police. After finishing the education, […]

Italian: Dai territori di Guerra/ di Silvia Ricci e Mimmo Tringale

This is an interview in Italian, made by two journalists for an Italian journal for ecology and peace Terra .Nouva Hagit speaks about her work in various fields of peace making